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Cornell conducts campus climate studies and maintains dashboards to monitor progress in the composition, engagement, inclusion and achievement of its diverse populations. These studies and assessments guide Cornell's ongoing process for improving the Cornell experience.

Quantitative Study of Student Engagement and Inclusion

This 2013 quantitative study, written by the Office of Institutional Research and Planning, is the foundation for Cornell's continued examination of its student climate for diversity.  The report is based on the analysis of undergraduate and graduate student responses to selected survey questions relating to students' perceptions of their engagement and inclusion at at Cornell.

Qualitative Study of Climate for Diversity at Cornell: Student Experiences

Sylvia Hurtado, a leading scholar of diversity in higher education, expanded on Cornell's 2013 self-study with an independent qualitative assessment of students’ perspectives on the campus climate for diversity.  In Fall 2013, Hurtado and her UCLA-based research team reviewed Cornell's survey data and existing documentation about campus diversity efforts conducted focus groups with students and conducted interviews with student affairs and academic administrators. 

Report on the Retention of Undergraduate Black Men

Reports of bias activity are reported regularly, including incident summaries, responses, and aggregated data are available under the "Bias Reporting at Cornell" page.

The Inclusion Report provides information on the composition of Cornell’s students, faculty, and staff along with an analysis of key factors impacting diversity and inclusion and a summary of progress achieved.  This report has been presented annually to the Board of Trustees for over 40 years.